Valencia (cultivar) Citrus sinensis

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AliasSweet Orange [view all 2]
SpeciesCitrus sinensis
Origin CountryN/A
Origin DetailN/A
Maternal ParentN/A
Paternal ParentN/A
Maternal Parent ofN/A
Paternal Parent ofKeylime_x_Valencia
Phenotypic DataN/A
Genotypic DataN/A
DNA LibraryN/A
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Germplasm Name Description Type
Sweet Orange
2009Uzun A, Yesiloglu T, Aka-Kacar Y, Tuzcu O, Gulsen O. Genetic diversity and relationships within Citrus and related genera based on sequence related amplified polymorphism markers (SRAPs). Scientia horticulturae. 2009; 121(3):306-312.
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